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Being a family run business we take care to ensure every moment you spend with Blueshed is a good one

The Boss

Steve Thompson

Studios Director



Having spent over 40 years as a musician and singer for many bands I always dreamed of opening a rehearsal studio centre. I have spent so much time over the years lugging PA backwards and forwards, rehearsing in damp cold garage's and outbuildings and I know it can take the enjoyment out of it. 


At Blueshed I am so proud that we can provide a fantastic space for musicians and performers alike to hone their skills. Over the time that we have been open we have built a stock of hire amps and drumkits to further ease the disruption or rehearsals. 


I am a keen guitarist and love passing my knowledge to others setting up and providing guitar tuition for beginners at the studios. 


If you want to pop down to take a look around the studios please don't hesitate to give us a shout. 

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