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3 Rehearsal Studios, Dance Studio, Recording Studio and Photography Studio

This is our original Studio. Situated on the ground floor it is acoustically treated to provide a tight room. The rehearsal space is ideally suited to bands no larger than 8 pieces. Mesauring 6m x 5m. £17.50 per hour

Studio One

Studio Two

This is our smallest studio. Situated on the ground floor Studio two is a perfect space suited to small bands, solo artists or tuition. Measuring 3m x 2m. £15 per hour

Studio Four

Studio Three

This studio is ideal for small bands, solo artists or tuition, measuring 3m x 2m. £15 per hour

This is our largest studio and also doubles up as our Photography Studio. A live, spacious room that is ideal for larger bands. Complete with full length mirrors. £17.50 per hour

Recording Studio

The recording studio also doubles up as a brilliant rehearsal space for bands up to a 10 pieces. The acoustically treated room can also be hired with or without a technician for recordings.

Dance Studio

Our dance studio comes equipped with full length mirrors, sound system and a harlequin sprung dance floor. The space is perfect for dance tuition and classes. £17.50 per hour

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